In a single jewel you can count twenty different varieties of gems and all differently worked.

SANTAGOSTINO is a prestigious brand founded by Leonardo and Angela Santagostino in 1969 driven by a strong passion for style. Unrepeatable creations that arise from a combination of surreal beauty and life and through ancient manual skills become “works of art”, as Corriere della Sera will define them.
Pieces of art to wear that stand out especially in 1989 with the “Unici di Santagostino” line, a patent designed and conceived for an original woman who loves to stand out. The “Bouquets Unici di Santagostino” immediately become cult objects to collect and the Valencian house signs a very personal and immediately recognizable style for richness, flair and finesse. Prominent role is entrusted to the gems chosen from precious and semiprecious stones even in the lesser known varieties , but always natural of excellent quality, carved and engraved with skill by master goldsmiths, artisans and setters.